Second hand clothes from England

We offer a high level of sorting clothes and can guarantee that you receive your order in time according to your requirements.

The company is located in Ukraine. You can visit our warehouse and check the quality of the clothes.

Second hand clothes from England

What can we produce:

Summer mix clothes

Summer mix clothes A+B grade (A grade is 75%-80%, rest B grade)
Woman clothes are 50-55%
Children clothes are 25-30%
Man clothes are 20-25%

Winter clothes

Winter mix clothes A+B grade, Clothes mix include jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, scarf, hats, and pajamas.

Women clothes are 50-55%
Children clothes are 25-30%
Men clothes are 20-25%

Soft Toys

Mix of soft toys A + B grade

Wiping rags mix

Wiping rags, not cut, well absorbs and soaks liquids and oils. The main component of the rags is cotton colored textiles (T-shirts, shirts, pajamas, raglans, etc.)

Why choose us

We always guarantee our clients

Individual approach to each client

Always On Time

We will prepare and deliver orders just in time

Hard Working

We are constantly working to improve our services


We provide a full range of services, from registration to delivery


What did our clients say?

I like chefs, it's very cool that you have a full package of services, it has greatly simplified and accelerated my business
Aman Lee
Thank you for being. The service is impressive, everything is on time, there are no problems with the cargo and delivery. Wish you all the best.
Adam Cheise
Reliable company has been working since the very foundation everything suits I recommend
Catherine Gilbert

Our warehouse:

Second hand clothes from England
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